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American Constitution Party PRESS RELEASE 09-16-2010


PRESS RELEASE>> Denver, CO>> Thursday, September 16, 2010.


Tancredo retains ballot access on ACP ticket

The American Constitution Party ("ACP"), the Colorado affiliate of the Constitution Party, the nation's largest third party political organization, is appreciative of the Denver District Court's ruling on September 14, 2010, announcing that Tom Tancredo and Pat Miller may stay in the race for Colorado Governor and Lt. Governor.

The ACP knew along that this thinly-veiled attempt involving frivolous litigation was nothing more than a face-saving move for the Republican Party of Colorado, whose candidate for the office former Congressman Tancredo seeks, is, to say the least, simply embarrassing.  Their candidate is not only not viable but not credible.

Our Party has known all along there would be no issue with what has transpired, because our actions, that of the ACP Executive Committee, as well as those of our candidate Tom Tancredo were above board, entirely legal, and within the Party's bylaws.  Plainly, we are not surprised by today's ruling.

The race is still on for the state's highest office and the Party fully supports Tom's candidacy.  Further, we believe that the only other "politically" viable candidate, Denver's mayor John Hickenlooper, is not equipped to hold that office.  An administration under Mr. Hickenlooper would not serve the best interests of Colorado and its citizens, who are tired of liberal public officials beholding to extremist special interests groups.

Tom Tancredo is the only candidate whose independence, patriotism and allegiance is without question.  He is perhaps Colorado's last and best hope to restore sanity to state government and return power back to the people.

Please join with us in support of Tom Tancredo as the next governor of Colorado.

- Executive Committee, American Constitution Party


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American Constitution Party PRESS RELEASE 07-29-2010


PRESS RELEASE>> Denver, CO>> Thursday, July 29, 2010.


Today is a great day for the people of Colorado as we, the American Constitution Party, Colorado’s affiliate of the Constitution Party, the nation’s largest third party, welcome a good friend and great conservative to our ranks.  Congressman Tom Tancredo has found a home in our organization and joins with the likes of other political luminaries whose parties have abandoned the principles on which this great nation was founded. In the American Constitution Party, Congressman Tancredo has a base from which to provide support for his American ethic and the encouragement to bring those ideals to the political arena.  He gives to Colorado voters a real choice to return to the founding principles that allowed our nation to become the greatest engine for freedom and prosperity the world has ever seen.  We are pleased to have Tom Tancredo run for the office of governor on our ticket.  For several years, as our party has grown, we have supported Tom’s consistent conservative position and votes in Congress.  We believe Tom is the right choice for the office of Governor and we believe that he will bring this state, the great and beautiful State of Colorado back around with conservative solutions to the problems facing us and which were brought on by many years of neglectful and careless leadership by both of the major parties, who have squandered a legacy of justice and liberty. Yes, Mr. Tancredo is very outspoken. He says what is on his mind, but he is truthful, honest and courageous.  The voters of Colorado can determine the direction of Colorado’s future, not only by their support of initiatives on the ballot, including taxation and personhood, but also by electing a Governor who will take affirmative steps toward liberty and refuse the status quo that has lead to economic and political stagnation.  Coloradans, you have it within your power to set a new course for our state … support Tom Tancredo for Governor.


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