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Darryl Gibbs

I am no career politician. I am a 16-year Air Force Veteran, currently serving in the Air Force reserves. I have over 40 years in the trucking industry, and I am currently working as a full-time owner-operator truck driver. I am also a prior public servant. I am running for Governor of Colorado because I’m tired of watching the state that I love get slowly run into the ground due to bad policies and a lack of common sense. I’m no longer willing to sit back and criticize the latest local news from my couch. I know what hard work is, and I know what integrity is. I know about policies, laws, and processes. I know about running a business and having a budget. Through my military career, I know about making critical and time sensitive decisions, and I know about discipline and integrity. I know about being a parent and wanting what’s best for your children. I also know about being a Colorado citizen, and wanting what’s best for the state that you love.